Don't forget the John!

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For those of you who will be living in apartments or suite-style dorm rooms this fall, you'll have the joy and challenge of the decor and upkeep of your own bathroom. So let's brainstorm some nifty ideas to make your bathroom another pretty place in your living space.

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Tip 1: Shop for pretty accessories.
Places like Target and Wal-Mart have a surprisingly lovely selection of bathroom accessories. Otherwise, check out vintage shops and antique stores for retro finds. Aim for beautiful colors and patterns to really add pop to your vanity area.

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Tip 2: Add bursts of bold color, with restraint.
You can't go wrong with an easy, classic black-and-white color scheme. But spicing it up with a bold burst of color (like red or hot pink) will add just the right hint of glam. Add your favorite bright color with accessories or flowers (fresh or faux).

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Tip 3: Work with what you have.
The above bathroom has a cool gray vanity top and brushed steel accents on the towel rod, toilet flusher, and doorknob. The decorator kept the color scheme simple by integrating white to compliment the cabinetry and toilet, plus a pale yellow to compliment the cool grays. In this case, less really is more. It gives off a comfy spa vibe.

Tip 4: Think outside the box.
Next time you're hopping from antique store to antique store, think creatively about things that could be used in your bathroom. In the photo above, shelving units that would typically be used on a desk work ideally for adding storage to the bathroom vanity. Plus, they add some vintage character.

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Tip 5: Choose the right shower curtain.
If you're going to splurge on anything for your bathroom, making it the shower curtain will make the biggest statement. Choose something that makes you happy and reflects you (and your roomie's) personality. Check places like Target and Urban Outfitters for the coolest curtains.



Jenni at Treacle and Ink said...

bathrooms get so overlooked! love pretty bottles and decorations in bathrooms. i wrote a blog about how to keep it up on a budget - you might want to check it out!


CollegiateDown said...

When I lived in a suite we had five pumps of bath and body works hand soap for four girls. Cleaning was the most difficult part, just because we disagreed over how often the bathroom should be cleaned.