Multi-Tasking Room Inspiration

Sherry of Young House Love has smartly designed an office/guest-room/play-room. I wanted to share it hear on Lovely Undergrad because as college students, our dorms and apartments also need to be multi-functioning spaces. A dorm room has to serve as a place to sleep, study, eat, relax, and hang out. And small apartments (such as efficiencies) often fall into the same category.

The bed in the room is a pull-out sofa bed. If I could have had one of these in my dorm last fall, I definitely would have. Forget the old legend that sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable. Today's sofa beds combine function, aesthetic appeal, and comfort. As a sofa, you have a nice place to curl up and study or for friends to gather on weekend nights. As a bed, you have an plush headboard. Sofa beds make it possible to transform your dorm or efficiency apartment from living room to bedroom in a matter of minutes.

The desk in this multi-tasking space is kept clean and clutter-free by collecting notebooks, paper, and even the laptop in an organization box.

A long enough desk can easily make space for two people to study. Colorful postcards make a simple yet fun wall display. And additional storage is tucked underneath the desk.

Here's the room as a play-room for children. Since most of us college students don't need a "play-room," imagine this as the opportunity for your hang out space. The bed disappears into the sofa, freeing up lots of floor space. A plush rug offers a soft landing pad. Storage ottomans can keep track of dvds, books, etc.

And a bookcase holds books, framed photos, and decor accessories.

All photos in this post are from Young House Love.


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