Print Showcase | Lucky Bluebird Art

I love the pretty damask background
and the Circus-esque type font.

I can never resist a cute little fawn. ;)

This only adds to my furniture fetish. I ♥ this chair print.
Perfect for any bedroom wall.

I think we can all relate to cupcake desire.

Pretty pears for the kitchen?

Or how about some birds and a toaster?

This one is my fave! Love the pink and
red pattern and the graceful deer.

And can you believe that all of these prints are either $16 or $12?! What a deal! Lucky Bluebird Art's Etsy shop is full of colorful, pretty prints that are patiently waiting to be hung on your dorm room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen wall. To check 'em out, click here.


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These are some good prints you can use for the room. Pick the right design that matches the interior.