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Smell Good this Fall

I'm a sucker for Victoria's Secret fragrance products---especially the Secret Garden collection. My favorite is, always has been, and (I'm pretty sure) always will be the Strawberries & Champagne scent... it smells delicious! The whole collection exudes yummy luxury. The only one I'm not crazy about is Love Spell... only because it was all the rage when I was in high school, which made me kind of sick of smelling it on every girl that passed in the hallway. I can still recognize it when a nearby girl is wearing it.

Besides Strawberries & Champagne, I'm a big fan of the Vanilla Lace. I also picked up Secret Charm and Pure Seduction today and can't decide which one I love more!!

I know that many are divided on whether VS fragrant products smell good or are just too strong. I personally like them. They are strong and I keep that in mind---I don't slather myself in it. ;) They all smell delicious, feel great on my skin, and give off some luxury.

Where you do stand? What are your favorite scents from VS?


I also picked up a small body mist of Sexy Little Things Noir today---I love the fragrance, but the perfume is just too strong so I opted for the body mist. It was a good choice. I ♥ it.


Krista said…
I love Amber Romance! It's my personal favorite. (:
CollegiateDown said…
I've never tried VS scents before, I'm rather attached to Bath and Body works scents.
Ariel said…
I love the strawberries & champagne and the Endless Love (Apple blossom, honeydew and ylang ylang).

While I love some of the VS scents, others are just too sickeningly sweet for me :P


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