(un)Make the bed

(image via: here.)
An unmade bed walks the thin line between messy and romantic. One of my favorite messy but utterly romantic beds is the glimpse of Cecilia and Robbie's bed in the film Atonement.

Here are some other beds that are messy but lovely:

(image via: Matt E L)

(image via: khintonslash)

(image via: cassie lynn)

(image via: lizrary)

What do you think about unmade beds? Is it just too messy looking for you? Or the next time your mom scolds you for an unmade bed, will you insist that you're making a romantic decor statement?



Anonymous said...

I go nuts when my bed isn't made.

Nancy. said...

Me too! I enjoy a neat looking bed. :)

andrea said...

Actually I saw on the Today Show last week that unmade beds are cleaner because bed bugs like warmth and an unmade bed is colder.