Darling Desk Spaces

above: cococerise
Pretty desk example: lots of white, organized writing utensils, chic lamp, thin file bins, printed chair, hot pink tree branches that display photos.

In the spirit of all the hours to be spent at our desks doing homework this fall... here are some inspiring workspaces to help you turn your desk into a place you won't mind spending a few hours each night.

A totally uncluttered desktop... ahhhmazing.

Gorgeous vintage desk. Elegant lamp. Endearing accessories.

A dining table can also serve as a desk. Storage drawers and shelving can be tucked underneath. You'll be left with a lot of surface space for homework, scrapbooking, crafts, art, etc. Love that French message board, too.

above: kay
I love the mix of modern (desk, chair), vintage (phone, photo), and pattern (wallpaper, lamp shade) in this corner.

above: skyeshell
Daisies instantly cheer up a desk top. And I'm envious of that pretty organizer with all its nooks for notebooks, folders, and the such.

One of my all time favorite desk spaces I've found on the internet. I love the gray walls, black lamp base, plain white lamp shade, and huge bulletin board.

Let the sun shine in! Look at how a bright white space is illuminated. And look at those pretty butterflies---what a cute detail!

above: everdoll
A young, hip space that encourages creativity and productivity.



Anonymous said...

I love my desk because it has a large amount of white, which is nice. And also, the window is positioned so I just get the winter sun, but it doesn't shine on the computer screen. It's perfect.

Happiness Student said...

Geesh Jessica, I found you some hours ago and I cannot stop reading! Great job you're doing here. I'm becoming a fan. Amore all the way :)

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