Decor Muse: a Nursery?!

Okay... so it is kinda weird that I'm posting a baby nursery as inspiration for college dorm/apartment decor. Don't worry---there's no looming stork or anything. I just believe that you can find decor inspiration in a variety of places, including childrens' and babies' rooms. This is one of those rooms. I'm in love with it in all its white and turquoise glory.

Vintage dresser: check. Elegant lamp: check. Pretty pale blue and turquoise poms: check check check and check.

This armoire is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

I'd love to curl up in that chair with my Kindle.

Basically, take out the crib, stuffed animals, and baby books... replace 'em with a pretty daybed, several pairs of ladylike high-heeled shoes, and some decor books... and this room would be ideal.

I found this lovely space via House of Turquoise, the blog that shares my love for a certain shade of greenish blue. ;)


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