Formspring Q & A's

What school in Missouri did you attend? I only ask because I just graduated from Mizzou and if it was there, I wish I'd met you! I love your blog and will definitely be checking it out as I continue to decorate my first apartment!
For my first semester of Freshman year of college I attended the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. It was a great school---beautiful campus, proximity to Kansas City, and a lot of fun people eager to make friends. But I was unsure of my major, plus I was ready to live five hours from home or excited about paying out-of-state tuition.

Does your boyfriend go to the same school as you?
Yes, he does. But it's a big school and there are lots (over 25,000) of students that go here. So it's a rare and funny surprise when I bump into him on campus. And with different work and school schedules we really have to plan to make time together. We live in the same neighborhood of apartments though, so it's a nice five minute walk to his place. :)

I love the nail polish you use on your website..what kind of nail polish would you recommend that last?
In my experience, the trick to lasting nail polish is a good protective clear coat. I buy all kinds of nail polish from the cheapies to OPI and finishing off with clear coat is definitely the key to long-lasting pretty nails.

Jessica, I would love to have a feature on your blog. Is this possible. I LOVE your blog and think it would be an awesome target for my site.
If you would like to be featured or guest-post for my blog, visit the Guest-Posting tab in the top menu. Or e-mail me at lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com to work something out.

Remember that you can also submit your dorm and apartment decorating questions to my Formspring. I have several decor Q & A's coming soon. If there's anything you want to know about me, feel free to submit it anonymously to Formspring or send me an e-mail at lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com for a more personal answer.



Alyssa / A Muse A Day said...

Thanks for posting this...I always love to read Q&As from other bloggers. I'm just starting out with a new blog but I'd LOVE to do a guest post sometime down the road.

Eliza said...

I have a slight obsession with Q&A's so I am super excited about the decor one coming up!! I also can't wait to see pictures of your room :) I moved into my first apartment this week (I am a sophomore) and I am still in the midst of decorating (I want to create some things myself and I have a lot of ideas) and your blog has been so inspirational to me. Thank you!