Images of Inspiration

Sometimes I end up with a few photos of rooms that I just love but have no place for. They're still super inspiring so I'm going to share them with you in a post all their own. I love the bedroom above for its mirror-finished bedside table, oh-so-comfy bed, and beyond-lovely window treatments. It makes me really want some shutters for my bedroom.

Being the bibliophile that I am, how can I resist a room wallpapered in pages from vintage books? Dorm and apartment walls cannot be wallpapered, but I'm wondering if double-sided scrapbooking tape squares would help me to cover just one wall like this?

A handsome corner. I love the masculinity of the chair, the antique gilt mirror, and the feminine green lamp. Oh, and those chevron-esque wooden floors are dandy, too.

I'm not crazy about the chair or the flower paintings... but I love the long, low bookcase and ornate frames against all the white.


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Meghan said...

Pretty pics! Just a tip about wallpapering a dorm/apartment: Scrapbooking squares are sometimes still really sticky and can pull away part of your wall when you remove them. As an alternative, I heard somewhere (maybe Domino?) that you can stick masking tape to the wall, then double-sided tape to the masking tape, then the wallpaper/book pages/whatever else on top of that. Then when it comes time to remove it, it's as easy as peeling masking tape off a wall.