brane_01's DIY Dorm Room

brane_01 submitted photos of her dorm room to the Lovely Undergrad Flickr group. Her dorm is really cozy and comfy, plus she added several diy touches.

Crafty touch #1: mosaic wall decor.

Her desk is tucked away under a lofted bed. This not only makes for a secluded place to study, but also saves on floor space.

Crafty touch #2: plates on the wall. Also, I like that she propped her full length mirror up on a simple end table. Sometimes students aren't allowed to use nails to hang things on the walls or door. Leaning a mirror up against the wall doesn't always work because you don't get the proper height in such a small space---so this is a nifty trick I'm gonna borrow for my place. ;)

Christmas lights---always a dorm staple. :) Doesn't it seem like the dorm rooms with the Christmas lights are always "thee places to hang out"?

DIY touch #3: How she made the window decor:
"This is just some scrap book paper that I got from my arts and crafts store (Michaels) You can also find some in Wal Mart. All I did was that I cutted out circles, smaller and a little bigger one. Then I punched small holes on the top and bottom of each circle using a push pin. Next, I used small and thin copper wire, that usually is used for jewelry making, to connect all the circles together. Then I ran a string on top of the window, and just hanged my little chains of circles."

Also, paint samples decorate the mirror.

I love the white polka-dot curtains that add chicness to the window but still allow for sunlight to spill in. Also, the lamp is a nice touch because accent lighting always wins over florescent. And that blue chair looks super comfy to curl up in with a magazine.

All photos in this post belong to brane_01. Thanks for the pics!!

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Christy said...

I have that same chair and it IS quite comfy. I made a simple, navy-blue, corduroy cover for mine though, to suit my room colors.

Very creative mosaic as well - I shared the idea with a friend of mine for her new apartment.

I am really enjoying your blog. :)