cjpowell8356's Expressive Dorm Room

cjpowell8356 submitted photos of her dorm to the Lovely Undergrad Flickr group. How you decorate your dorm room is basically an extension of you. Your decor is one way of expressing yourself. So I love that this dorm-dweller has so many personal touches throughout the space.

First of all, props to cjpowell for the Pink Floyd poster. I'm also loving the the pretty quilt on the bed, the beautiful dream catcher (I want one!), and the floral pillow.

Also, she displays wall art in one of my favorite ways---clip boards!! With clip boards you can have an ever-changing display of your favorite pictures, magazine clippings, post-cards, etc. Genius. I'm pretty sure she diy'ed that peace sign mirror, too. :)

The photos in this post belong to cjpowell8356. Thanks for the pics!!


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