Halloween Costume Inspiration 4

Grecian goddesses are always gorgeous.
Flowy white dress, gladiator sandals, gold jewelry.

Go out as your favorite rhyming trouble-maker.
Black leggings, white tee, black cardigan, black boots,
red bow-tie, Dr. Suess hat, nose & whiskers.

To sea, to sea!
Sailor dress, white tights, nautical shoes and accessories.

Add glam to Super Man.
Red mini skirt, Super Man tee, gold belt and shoes.

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Brown embroidered tunic, moccasins, Native American jewelry.



Mademoiselle Deva said...

I love the first one! so cute!!!

Maggie said...

Thanks for deleting my comment. Your post is still offensive.

Maggie said...

For another definition of why it is offensive, wiki the phrase "cultural appropriation."

Unknown said...

Maggie, I actually didn't delete your comment. I don't delete comments unless they are outrageous or use offensive language. I'm not sure what happened to yours. I got your comment in my e-mail, but when I looked at the post... it was gone. I figured you deleted it. Oh well.

I'm sorry that you find my post offensive, but I'm not going to apologize for having a Pocahontas-inspired costume. I didn't create any of these costumes myself---they are all sets from members of Polyvore. I thought they were cute ideas for Halloween. :)

You're entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I'm sorry if I've lost your readership.

I will not argue or debate the topic any further. See the disclaimer about my content at the bottom of the blog.

SV723 said...

These are cute, but the Pocahontas one is bothersome. It feels icky to see people using a culture as dress-up or a costume - I feel similarly about geisha, Eskimo, and (East) Indian costumes. No one walks around saying "I'm dressed as a white person!" It would be absurd. I wish it were just as absurd to dress up as someone of another culture, too.

I respect and believe that you meant no offense by including it, so I want to make clear I'm not actually angry with YOU, but rather a culture that allows such a costume to be deemed acceptable (and continually popular).

Thanks for the rest of the inspiration.