Halloween Costume Inspiration 5

Cute as a button as Minni Mouse!
Polka-dot dress, pink pumps, pink belt, big pink
bow, and black mouse ears a necessity.

Gotta catch 'em all!
Yellow dress, yellow sneakers, Pikachu ears,
rosy red cheeks, and red jewelry.

Get all dolled up by going out as Barbie!
Pink everything and a blond wig. :)

Easy to pull together and always a crowd-pleaser.
High-waisted bell bottoms, hippie blouse,
cute sandals, peace-sign jewelry, braided hair.



Anonymous said...

The nerd in me love the Pikachu costume.
Great ideas and outfits!

CollegiateDown said...

Every year I want to go as a hippy, but I always feel like its too close to how I dress anyways. By the way, I love this series.

Evie said...

I love the minnie costume! ;)