New Poll: Halloween Costumes!

If you haven't noticed, there's a new poll over in the right-hand menu beneath the Fall Giveaway section. In the spirit of Halloween, Lovely Undergrad wants to know what kind of costume you'll be flaunting this Halloween.

Will it be something scary and spooky... like a witch or ghoul?
Something cute, fun, and easy to diy... like a pirate or cheerleader?
Something sexy and naughty... like the classic school girl or police officer?
Something pretty and girly... like a princess or ballerina?
Something weird and a little nerdy... like a Harry Potter character?
...Or are you still trying to figure it out?

Leave your costume ideas here in a comment... but be sure to take part in the poll, too!



  1. I think I'm going to be Betty Rubble,
    next year I'm going to try to do my own DIY if I can't think of anything haha
    Check it out:)

  2. I'm going to be a butterfly. Technically it's a sexy butterfly but that feels wrong to type somehow. Sexy insects? Weird. But it looks good on!

  3. I have been completely inspired by all your amazing costume ideas! I think I'll do the Cat in the Hat since I LOVE Dr. Seuss. Thank you so much for your ideas! They have been the best ones I've found so far in my extensive online searching for ideas :)

  4. I really don't know what to be this Halloween. I have a week off next week to decide though.

  5. I am being Lady Gaga. I can't wait to get my costume together!

  6. I'm thinking dead nurse. I figured I could come up with a fantastic backstory about how I was working one afternoon and the zombie apocalypse began. Patients started pouring in. One poor gentlement was thought to be dead, but was a zombie and attacked me while I was putting him in the morgue. :)

  7. I will be Anne Boleyn, my boyfriend will be Henry VIII.

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