Brazilian Avant-garde

This is one-of-a-kind apartment in Brazil was originally a painting studio.  Unfortunately, college dorms and apartments are far from anything like a big, wide-open loft.  But there's a lot of inspiration to be found in this raw, eclectic space.  What first caught my eye was the couch---or lack of one.  Instead of a traditional sofa, there are two big mattress cushions piled high with 20 (that's what I counted!) pillows that serve as an ingenious and uber-comfy place to hang out, nap, etc.  Low profile furniture gives a room more head space, so it seems larger.  Granted, this loft is lofty to begin with.  But a similar low profile arrangement in your dorm or apartment will give the illusion of higher ceilings. 

 I love unexpected mixes in decor.  Concrete walls contrast with the furry rug.  A fancy chandelier contrasts with the sleek modern lines of the table.  The fur and chandelier warm up what would otherwise be stark and cold. I also like the framed art display and the skull resting on two vibrant pink books.

The masculinity of this bedroom is both classy and simple yet sexy.  Black and gray are such a classic pair that work anywhere.  The nightstand vignette mixing aged gold and the shiny of modern steel is handsome. 

 College students, and people in general, tend to fill bookcases up.  Bookcases serve as an opportunity to store books and showcase accessories.  It is an impulsive to just keep piling stuff on the bookcase.  But this photo shows how a little restraint can lead to a big impact.  Less really is more.  Stack your books horizontally and leave the bookcase mostly empty.  It'll end up looking more like art than a catchall.  

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Unknown said...

It's funny because right now I am browsing your page with my 6-year-old boy and he is crying because he wants me to turn his bedroom to something like what you got there with that black beddings. I wonder what to do now with his kids bedroom furniture.