My Wardrobe Staples


We all have our "go-to outfits"... the ones we throw on without thinking about it. When heading to campus for class, my basics include a fitted black tee, skinny jeans, black flats, a fleece zip-up, and brightly colored scarf for a punch of color. I also love a good pair of bootcut blue-jeans pairs with a cozy flannel, t-shirt that shows off my school spirit (Go Cyclones!), and my most favorite shoes in the whole word: moccasins. When I hit up the mall or meet a girlfriend for lunch, I love black leggings, slouchy boots, a cute scarf, and a long cardigan.


I work at a major department/retail store, plus I sometimes have important interviews or meetings with professors. So I try to keep my "business casual" attire full of basics that I can mix and match. My first choice is always always always a fitted black pencil skirt that hits right above the knees. I like tucking in ruffly shirts, pulling on the opaque black tights, and completing the look with embellished black flats. Other days I opt for a great pair of trousers, especially in charcoal, that I can dress up with a frilly tank and shrug. I add a pop of color with the shoes. And sometimes I just pull on a full floral skirt, black tee, and simple suede ballet flats. I almost never wear heels. At work I may go 6 hours without getting to sit down, so comfort is key.


My favorite wardrobe pieces are the ones I wear when hitting the town with my bf and/or girlfriends. I'm a sucker for sparkles, but I also believe that sequins should be used sparingly. My most beloved outfit is a fitted black dress studded with sparkles. Sometimes I wear it with black tights, sometimes I choose a bold unexpected color like turquoise. I always wear it with my favorite black booties. Sometimes all I really want is to wear a pair of jeans. So I dress it up with a sequin-embellished tee and cute gray boots. Heels are my favorite for going out. Pain is beauty, I guess. ;) But I do occasionally give my feet a break and slide into black flats. I wear those with a glittery black mini, black tights, and solid fitted tee.

So what do you think? Any suggestions/compliments/criticism/questions concerning my wardrobe staples? What are your go-to pieces? Do we have any in common?

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Jessie said...

I'm also a fan of the humble flannel shirt! Maybe I'm living my stereotype as an Oregon resident...but it's just too comfy (and kind of cute in a hipster-y way?)
I love your work wardrobe choices. I'd really like to get a better variety of interview/work/presentation clothing, but I have a hard time finding professional-ish clothing that I like and feel comfortable in. Trousers in particular tend to fit poorly since I have big hips and a tummy. To the skirt section I go!