Sheer Loveliness

This is one of those beauties that really inspires me in my decor. It's the type of decor that I hope to aspire to. It's the type of style that I hope to decorate my own place with one day. It's the type of furnishings that I hope to acquire in the years after college. But for now, let's borrow some inspiration from this place for our dorms and apartments.

Inspiration to take away: Switch out boring hardware for more colorful drawer-pulls. You can either paint them yourself or replace them with eclectic ones from places like Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. It's truly one of thee easiest ways to makeover a dresser or desk.

Inspiration to take away: "One gal's trash is another gal's treasure." Keep that in mind when you hit up Craigslist, garage sales, and secondhand stores. An old door painted in a cheerful hue can be the perfect accent to your living room once propped up in a corner. You could even attach photos to use it as a display board.

Inspiration to take away: Forget those boring square mirrors from super stores. Opt for more unique looking-glasses from thrift stores and antique shops. They'll cost less and add more gilt personality to your walls, while opening up the space and giving you a place to check your face.

Inspiration to take away: Embrace eclectic! Mix beloved knick-knacks and interesting vintage objects in with your books on the bookshelf. Just be sure to not over-clutter.

Inspiration to take away: That screen door on the far wall is being used as a place to display photographs. How ingenious is that?! Also, get creative by hanging pictures and artwork in unexpected places... like low on a half-wall like the side of the bar/counter in this kitchen.

Inspiration to take away: Involve fashion in your decor. Have a dress that you absolutely love but can't wear all the time? Does it make you sad that it spends most of its life tucked away in the dark corner of your closet? Bring it out into the light! Mannequins can often be found at antique and vintage shops. Bring one home and dress her up in your favorite frock.

Inspiration to take away: Be bold with bedding colors and patterns. The combination of yellow-orange, deep purple, and red in this bed's quilt is unexpectedly bold and very cheery. Accent it with art that shares similar hues but different overall pattern---like the cityscape and numbers in this room.

Inspiration to take away: Christmas lights don't have to stay on the tree. Strings of lights are a popular staple in many dorm rooms, but are often executed sloppily. Instead of draping them across your walls or ceiling, accent a piece of furniture. Wrapped around this headboard, these Christmas lights transform this bed into a dreamy place to curl up at night.

Inspiration to take away: If you can't paint the walls, paint the furniture! In dorms and apartments, you're often stuck with white or cream walls. Since you can't go splashing color there, splash it on furniture instead. A worn out dresser from the antique shop can be made over into a bold, sassy chest of drawers once given a couple coats of orchid paint. Who knew?

These photos belong to Stacy Sargent and Vogo Image. Thanks to Design*Sponge for showcasing them and inspiring me!



uncaged afterthoughts said...

i am always severly inspired by your posts and pictures. but this by far has been one of the most gorgeous apartments that have been featured. i just love the creativity women have that can make something so gorgeous and magical. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE how your bed is styled. very pretty!