Small Space in the City

I wanted to share Patricia's Manhattan tiny place (found via Apartment Therapy) because it is a perfect example of how to zone a small space into sleeping quarters, eating quarters, and living quarters. The bed fits into its own little nook, which I think is ingenious. How amazing would it be to go to sleep each night and wake up each morning next to that huge window a view of NYC? I also like the simple bedding and warm color choices---white, camel, beige, and a dash of deep red are so cozy and inviting.

Here you can see the couch/tv area and the dining area set up next to another large window. A big mural of a cityscape mimics the gorgeous window views. Black furniture with balances out the space without being too heavy since the tables and chairs are anything but bulky.

To check out the original post at Apartment Therapy and hear what Patricia has to say about her little gem in the city, click here. (All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy.)


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It's how you maximize available space to contain all the furniture.

investment property in perth said...

Your Manhattan apartment looks ravishing. I love the romantic feel of the red velvet couch and the lovely view of the metropolis.