3 Pieces, 5 Ways | Internship Basics


You did it!  You landed your dream job (for the time being) or a fabulous internship.  But now... what to wear?  You stare at your closet and see no professional attire.  And when you start thinking of all the clothes you need and how much it will all cost, your feelings shift from excited to overwhelmed.  But don't stress.  There are three key pieces that can be easily mixed & matched and dressed up & down  with lots of clothing you already own.


When looking for the perfect pair of trousers, concentrate on fit, comfort, and color.  When it comes to fit, choose a pair that sits right below the belly-button.  Low rise pants can cause the notorious "muffin-top" effect.  And while high-waist pants can be very fashionable, they aren't the most versatile with every outfit.  Other features to look for are straight leg and flat front (no pleats).  If you can't find the perfect fit, get them tailored.  It will cost a little money, but it's an investment in your comfort and style.  Consider length when purchasing---will you be wearing heels often?  or are you flats kinda girl?  Maybe you need two pairs of two different lengths.  #1: Be cute and comfy with a bold cardigan layered over a simple white cami.  Accessorize with a neutral scarf, pretty earrings, and a bright pair of shoes that contrast with the cardigan.  #2: Channel some boyish charm by incorporating menswear-inspired details such as black oxfords on your feet and a suit vest over a basic black blouse.  A black leather mens' watch completes the look.  #3:  Exude antique chic style by pairing lovely lace with soft knits.  Wear vintage or vintage-inspired shoes and jewelry.  #4: Gray has become a go-to neutral.  A simple gray sweater is anything but boring when worn with a sparkly bracelet and elegant heels. #5: Camel is another neutral you should zero in on this season.  It looks especially gorgeous with jewel tones, like a camel cardigan over a plum tank.  Top it all off with camel pumps.


Do not be intimidated by the pencil skirt. With enough confidence (and the right fitting skirt) any girl can pull it off.  #1: Wear it with a ruffled striped top, black watch, and cute black booties for a little edge.  #2: Channel your inner Parisian with a red-and-white striped top, red cardigan, and red flats.  #3: Focus on a frilly top by keeping your accessories simple and black.  #4: Put the spotlight on that new pair of bright colored heels you bought.  Wear a black shirt and a scarf that features a little bit of the same color as your shoes.  #5: Look sophisticated by wearing nudes and tans.  Accessorize with a pair of glitzy earrings.  Opaque black tights will make all these looks all the more classy.


Now for my favorite item on the list: the boyfriend blazer!  This isn't your typical shoulder-padded, form fitting, button-all-the-way up suit jacket.  It's a little looser, a bit trendier, and much more versatile.  #1: Gray dress shorts and one of these season's lacy tops will look pretty under the bf blazer---while ruffled booties take it to new heights.  #2: If your workplace has the occasional "casual Friday," wear your blazer over a cute tank and dark skinny (not ripped up) skinny jeans.  Cute matching flats and a floral ring make this look adorable.  #3: The blazer pairs perfectly with a gorgeous dress.  Just make sure that the neckline is high and the hemline isn't too short.  Add glamor with lovely earrings, but keep the shoes simple (such as black pumps).  #4: A basic black t-shirt and silky pleated skirt are both elegant and comfortable when worn with the bf blazer.  Wear your favorite pair of black flats to give your feet a break from heels, too.  #5: Focus on the "boyfriend" aspect of the bf blazer by selecting menswear-inspired pieces. Slim fitting cords and a pinstripe button-down shirt look oh-so handsome with vintage-inspired oxfords.  A men's watch is the ideal final detail.

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Jessica said...

I am SUCH a fan of having a couple of different boyfriend blazers since they work with everything, from casual to a night out to professional. And they just pull an outfit together so well.

Emily said...

Great post. I love seeing multiple ways of using basic pieces.

wholesale clothing said...

A vintage look and a classy wear- black (or gray) boyfriend blazers go with a lot of outfits and is a much-needed addition to every sophisticated girl's closet.

prom dresses said...

The cyan top could easily be a great dress.

Kelsey said...

Try to have blazers in the key professional colors: black, brown, tan and gray. If you're in a fashion or creative position, then take on even more colors!

Remember, if you want to look professional, keep your blazer buttoned. In a more casual office, keep your blazer unbuttoned.