Attention Bloggers!!

I need to update my blogroll.  

If you blog about college, fashion, beauty, decorating, diy projects, and other misc. please leave a comment with your URL + the category your blog's content mostly fits under.  

Also, please let me know if you have a link to Lovely Undergrad on your blog's main page.  I'd like to return the favor by giving you some link love on the LU main page. ;)




Jennifer Z said...

I blog over at http://ficklekitsch.blogspot.com It's primarily a fashion and beauty blog, but I'm hoping to expand to some decorating and DIY soon. If I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with fashion/style.

I do have Lovely Undergrad linked in my reading list on my main page; you post some great stuff :)

Unknown said...

Hey, check out http://www.nessabirdie.blogspot.com. I blog about pretty much anything and everything ... I would go with other misc. I have a Tunesday (my favorite tracks at the moment), Whatsday (random things I find interesting on the internet), Blogs-day (blogs I find interesting and worth reading ... like yours!), and Screens-day (movie, youtube, etc. that I have to watch on some sort of screen).

I don't have it linked yet, but I was trying to find an HTML button that I could put on my sidebar ... But consider it happening really soon!

M.A. said...

Hey Girl!
my blog is http://asimpleconversation.wordpress.com. I blog about College Life, Fashion, and Food! I love reading Lovely Undergrad and totally have you linked on my page :) As a fellow college blogger, I'm so inspired by your page!

M.A. said...

Silly Me, the category it most fits under would be Lovely Lifestyle :)

Michelle said...

talk about music, decor, style, school, etc. and planning on revamping it for the new year!

Kristin said...

hi! i blog about college, fashion, diy projects, and other stuff from an environmental point of view... i think of it as a blog on style.

my blog is at: http://styleitgreen.blogspot.com

it's pretty new but i love your blog and i've linked to it on mine as well!

Margaux said...

This is my fashion blog: http://instinctivestyle.blogspot.com

And you're on my blog roll!

Anuli said...

I subscribe to Lovely Undergrad via Google Reader. I have my own blog called Also Known As Anuli http://akaanuli.tumblr.com. It's a mixture of things...fashion, diy, misc, etc

Hope you like it : )

Marjorie said...

Hey! I saw you on 20sb and decided to check out your blog, which I'm enjoying!
I post a lot about my life as a college kid sharing my thoughts on life. And I think I tend to write about my hopes and dreams, and my memories from back home. It varies based on what's going on in my life!
I hope you check it out & enjoy it!

Sharing From Afar said...

hey i blog about my life as a college student and everything that entails. whether it be random stuff about academics going on, traveling abroad (i'm going to london for my spring semester), and other extracurricular activities.

sharingfromafar.blogspot.com, and you are on my blogroll, i love what you are doing here!

CollegiateDown said...

I have a blog with tips for being in college, it would probably fit under Campus Life. the url is http://studentswhostillhavesouls.blogspot.com. You're in my blogroll

Cate said...

Hi, Jessica,

Your blog blows me away, and I wish that my college room had looked more like the ones you feature. My blog is whatwecovet.blogspot.com; I cover fashion--shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories--as well as housewares of all sorts. I'd love to be featured in your blog roll. (You're in mine!)

Please keep up the good work with Lovely Undergrad!


wickedwich said...

Hi Jessica,

I sent you email for some reason I couldn't post here haha but now I can. I blog at http://wickedwiched.blogspot.com/ often about shoes and shopping finds and trends I like. I'd like to post more DIY later on, check it out when you have the chance!


Amy T Schubert said...

I'd love if you come check out lemonandraspberry.com .... It's about DIY projects and being creative and making your life a bit happier.

Alicia said...


I'm over at DressedUpGirl.blogspot.com. It is in the very very beginning stages, and unfortunately I've unable to really commit to blogging lately, but I am constantly reading my favorite blogs. I just found your blog and love it! The aim of Dressed Up Girl is to explore fashion on a college budget while still dressing professionally and put together. I love basics and investment pieces, with a accessories to compliment. I'll definitely keep reading, once I get back into blogging I'll let you know!

Jessica Rose said...


I know you posted this a while ago, but if you're still looking for blogs I hope you'll check mine out ~ I'm just getting started, but am loving blogging! I'm at http://greenteaatmidnight.blogspot.com/ and will mostly be blogging about decorating/fashion. I've added you to my blogroll (oh and my name's Jessica, too!)