Fa la la la la!

 My siblings, doggie, and me... all decked out in red on Christmas Eve.
 Left: My dog in the new Iowa State bandana I bought her.
Right: My handsome bf and me in our Iowa State garb. :)

Hey lovelies! I'm back from my little holiday hiatus.  How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful, but far too short!  I spent the evening of the 23rd, entire 24th, and first half of the 25th with my family, then I spent the evening of the 25th with my boyfriend's family.  I had to be back in my college town for work on the 26th.  But hopefully (weather permitting, this is Iowa) I can go back this weekend and spend New Year's with everybody.

Get anything good for Christmas?  I got a lot of kitchen stuff (pasta cooker, new coffee maker, blender, Giada cookbook, fancy olive oil bottle) and Iowa State clothes.  My boyfriend got me a beautiful antique mirrored tray with a silver Victorian set of a brush, comb, and hand-mirror.  He knows me so well. ;)  

The best part about Christmas was spending time with my family and the bf's family---I felt like I hadn't seen them in forrrrever, even though it'd only been since Thanksgiving.  Christmas Eve night was pizza night for my family---my mom, her sisters, and my grandma all made amazing homemade pizzas.  And Christmas night at my bf's place was delish as well as fun---we played Scattergories, Imaginiff, and the Xbox Kinnect (so fun & funny!). 

Leave a comment letting me know the most delicious thing you ate, the most wonderful moment/memory, or your favorite Christmas gift to give/get.  :) 



Leah said...

So glad you had a Merry Christmas - I love all the ISU stuff! :)

The most delicious thing I ate was my Dad's sweet potato casserole at Christmas Dinner - it's topped with marshmallows and so tasty!

Elle said...

love the sibling photo. sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

That's such a fantastic gift from your boyfriend - I'll be sure to drop some hints to mine for the next upcoming holiday, haha.

Oh, and btw: Your hair is super cute. :)