Gift Guide #1: Bloggers & Social Networkers

Say "hello" to Lovely Undergrad's
first gift guide of the holiday season.
This list is full of must-haves for the fellow
bloggers and social networkers in your life.  

1. Social Networking Pillows are a super cute way to spruce up her bed or sofa.

2. A Juicy Couture Laptop Sleeve: Canvas Kiss or Leopard Print will ensure that she carries her laptop all over campus.

3. "Sexy Blogger" Tee... need I say more?

4. MadebyGirl's "I Love You Blogs & Coffee" Print will surely find its place on the wall above the desk of a girl who loves her daily blog and caffeine fix.

5. Modcloth Travel Mug to sip in style.

6. Jade Laptop Skin because laptops need accessorized, too!

7. Gold USB Flash Drive (although this one costs a pretty penny)

8. Paper Tweet Notepad for your Twitter addict.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...those pillows are too cute! If I was a throw pillow girl, I'd definitely want some!

The flash drives on that page you linked to are great...I think I saw Homer Simpson and Dexter's flash drive on there!

Barbara said...

These are some cute ideas. I like the pillows.