Gift Guide #3: Reading is Sexy


For the gal who always has her
nose in a book... or who may be the
next Stephanie Meyer or J.K. Rowling,
consider these literary treasures:

1.  Bookmarks brighten up the pages of any novel---for the lover of classic romances, opt for these colorful Jane Austen bookmarks.  Or for any reader, these witty literary saying bookmarks are sure to be a hit.

2.  A Kindle is an ideal gift.  Lightweight, portable, long battery life, easy to use, thousands of books to download. Trust me... my Kindle and I are inseparable.  If your bookworm already has an e-reader, select a pretty cover like this one by Diane von Furstenberg

3.  Many readers also have a knack for writing.  So get your future novelist a set of Vera Bradley patterned pencils so she can write in style.

4.  This girly pink clip-on light from PBTeen will illuminate late night reading.

5.  For the reader, writer, or font-enthusiast... this organic cotton book bag is adorable.

6.  Could these PBTeen pink bookends be any cuter?  I think not.

7.  A gorgeous Vera Bradley journal is perfect for recording favorite books, quotations worth remembering, personal poetry, daily diary entries, and much more.

8.  Whether she prefers tea, coffee, or hot cocoa while snuggling up with a good book, here's a darling cup.

9.  There are tons of literary tees on CafePress.com.  Just search "Jane Austen"!


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Meredith said...

ummm yes. to all of these. LOVE them. esp the t's. i DO love jane. i do!