Gift Guide #6: Mom + Pops


Mom & Dad may always know what to get you,
but they're not always so easy to shop for. 
Here are some easy, pleasing ideas:

Mom:  Slatkin & Co. candles (which can be found at Bath & Body Works stores) smell amazing and burn well.  Plus, they come in elegant jars that can blend into any decor scheme.  "Eat Pray Love" will be a winner this Christmas season whether you get her the dvd, the book, or both!  Pretty gloves are easy on the budget, easy to find, and will keep her hands warm.  Lastly, a nice new camera to capture 2011 memories will definitely be a mom-pleaser.

Dad:  Consider combining funds with your sibs to get him a brand new tool chest---the blacker and shinier, the better!  Mitten/gloves are all the rage---the mitten part keeps fingers toasty, but can be removed so that fingers can be free.  "Inception"... the father will love it.  And if he's a football fan (or any sports fan), you can't go wrong with some fan apparel. 


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