Holiday Fashion Inspiration


If you're like me and ended up saving a bunch of gift-shopping 'til the very last minute (due to lack of funds or just being a plain ol' procrastinator)... you'll want to wear something comfy and cute when you hit the mall to grab those deals.  Start off with your most trusty pair of worn-in blue jeans.  Add a soft t-shirt and a cardi or jacket---it'll keep your arms warm in those air-conditioned igloo stores and can be removed if you start sweatin' as you madly dash from American Eagle to Express.  Speaking of sprinting around, be wise in shoe choice.  Flat boots or mocs are most reliable for comfort.  Keep your bag small; a cross-body one is handy and you won't have to worry about accidentally putting it down as you load your arms with goodies.  Accessorize simply---earring studs will do quite nicely.


If you have fancy holiday parties on your schedule of festivities, you'll want to look your absolute best... especially if that dreamy guy you've been crushing on shows up or you want to look extra lovely on the arm of your lucky bf.  Keep it classy with simple dresses in rich hues.  Opt for opaque or lacy black tights with rounded toe pumps.  In case your bare arms get chilly, have a trendy blazer nearby to cover up.  Slip a note to your fella letting him know that you're waiting for him under the mistletoe.  (And that he better hurry because you're the belle of the holiday ball!)


Ahhh, family time!  It can be all to easy to slip into sweatpants and call it a day.  But a pair of skinny jeans and a cute sweater are calling your name.  So slip on a comfy pair of furry or fringed booties and head to the coffee house or movie theatre with fam and friends.  Be sure to wear an appropriate scent that reminds those around you of fresh baked goods or a cozy fireplace. 


What?  A fashion guide for Christmas morning?  Aren't you supposed to just roll outta bed, go wake mom and pops, and start ripping those presents open?  Well, yea.  But if your mom is like mine (who insists on taking pictures of me and my sibs opening presents on Christmas morn, and you have a few photos from Navidads past that you hope never see the light of day) then rolling outta bed already looking cute isn't such a bad idea.  On Christmas eve, just slip into a lovely pair of floral-printed pj pants and a tank.  In the morn, you just have to throw on some slippers (and some make-up) and you're ready for those memory-making photos.



Mehwish said...

I am shopping today and I was just thinking of what I am gonna wear. Thanks for ur post, it helped :)

Allison said...

I really love your polyvore outfit suggestions. I've actually used them as inspiration for outfits (to wear and to shop for) recently.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. I'm a long time reader but first time commenter =). Thanks for all your gift guide posts! They are great inspiration!