Ms. Taken Giveaway!!

"Work the room in disguise.
Who says being engaged is all that? The biggest upside is being left alone, once people spot a ring on your left hand. Whether you're trying to dodge dodgy dudes at the bar, heading to a reunion or visiting your nagging grandmother, slip on your Ms.Taken ring and act as if. It says committed, without the commitment.  

Polished to a perfect shine, this 2-carat Australian crystal is set in a simple stainless steel band. It starts as a size 7, which your jeweler can easily adjust for you. The classic, simple, elegant design pairs perfectly with any style – and no one will guess that it isn't a genuine diamond."  (Via the Ms. Taken website.)
Ms. Taken was kind enough to send me a Femme Fatale ring. I excited opened it and was pleasantly surprised by how realistic (and shiny!) the ring is.  Plus, it comes with a handy key-chain case to carry it around in and a set of witty Playaz cards featuring "unsuitable suitors."  I've shown my ring to several friends who have ooooh'ed and ahhhh'ed in response.  I haven't been able to wear my ring out yet, but I'll be getting it sized soon.  And be sure that once I have it on my finger, I'll be going out and "testing" its effects. ;)  I wonder what happens if I run into the bf while wearing it?  Haha.

Lucky for you, I have also been sent an extra Ms. Taken ring to give away to one lucky reader.  (Contest open to residents of the 48 contiguous states.)  Be sure to include your e-mail address with each entry.  Here's how to enter:

1.  Visit the Ms. Taken website and check out the "Unwanted Suitors."  Then come back and comment, letting me know which of those six unwanted suitors you've encountered the most. *Or* check out the "Who It's For" section and let me know which female profile most suits you and your reasons for wearing the ring.

2.  For an additional entry, become a "Follower" by finding the "Lovely Undergrads" box at the top of the right hand menu of the blog.  Simply click [Follow]. Leave a comment letting me know you follow.

3.  For yet another chance to win, follow Lovely Undergrad on Facebook or Twitter.  Be sure to comment and let me know!

You have until 11:59 Christmas Eve (December 24) to enter!  The winner will be selected via a random number generator and announced on Christmas Day!!  Good luck!

You can also buy the Ms. Taken Femme Fatale ring here.  (Free shipping!)



Unknown said…
The Waitress definitely sounds like me. I've had a lot of creepy men who were much, MUCH older than me write their phone numbers and/or email addresses on their checks. The Ms. Taken Femme Fatale ring would put an end to those!
Carolyn said…
Just "liked" lovely undergrad on FB!
Carolyn said…
Oh I'd definitely get a ring because I used to be "The Waitress", and I got a lot of "Jamaal That's" hitting on me! Maybe because I've got a little junk in the trunk, but still. This definitely would be helpful for that!
Leah said…
I love this ring! This summer I was the Jet Setter while studying abroad and the Ms.Taken ring would have been so handy with the ever persistent touristy shop owners!

I've also been pursued by a Mr. Macho van Strango - I love jewelry so for him to be wearing more than me was huge!

I follow LU and liked LU on facebook! I'm so excited about this giveaway - hopefully all the entries are okay in one comment?! Thanks!
brie said…
i like LU on fb & i love to party but i'd like the ring for different reasons... i want to keep guys from hitting on me b/c i've got a long distance bf and it's just awkward :)

i couldn't figure out how to leave my email so bmr(at)cornell(dot)edu
Haha this is such an awesome idea. I'm studying music and the music/arts building is crawling with the "Mr. Vincent Van Gone." It would be so nice to be left in peace when I just want to sit and enjoy my breaks from class.

I'm also a follower of the blog :-)
Leah said…
I realized I forgot my email address with my entries!

DH said…
I guess I'm The Jet-Setter! I'm planning a trip next year to a conservative country where this ring just might come in handy!
I follow your blog and your Tweets!
TK said…
I've definitely encountered plenty of Billy Bobs! Thanks for the giveaway!

TK said…
and I'm a follower now. :)

TK said…
+ Twitter follower
The Sheriff said…
I tend to attract Mr. Jamaall that. Ugh.

jschraug at
jschraug said…
aaaand I'm a follower now :)

jschraug at
Unknown said…
I've been talking about getting myself a ring for a little while now, mostly thanks to "Mr. Jamaall That". I even told my boyfriend, and he said "Thanks for taking the pressure off of me!" (to provide the ring, I assume).

I already follow, "like", and subscribe to you... :)
Anonymous said…
I am a Jet-setter/Waitress and tend to attract a different sort of man: The one who is 10+ years older (and thinks I'm younger than I am, can you say creepy?), has four kids and 1-3 ex-wives. These guys usually open by trying to help with something that I don't need help with or by getting their kids to break the ice (Neither of which is offensive to me). They also assume that I want to settle down and have a family right away (I don't).
Anonymous said…
I can't enter because I'm from Canada, but can I just say this idea is genius! I myself have a "taken" ring (but not from this site). It's a great idea!
Becky said…
I'm an art education major, so I DEFINITELY run into plenty of Vincent van Gone's. This is hilarious!

squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com
Becky said…
I follow Lovely Undergrad!

squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com
Lindsey said…
I'm mostly the 'party girl'- I'm in a sorority and have a boyfriend at another school so I always encounter creepy guys at socials and things! This ring would be lovely for nights out downtown or for faking my parents into believing I'm engaged haha
I also just started following you on Facebook and twitter!