Last night I considered pulling my first all-nighter.  Everywhere I go (class, work, the mall) I hear fellow students gushing about how they "stayed up alllll night writing that paper" and "pulled the third all-nighter in one week."  I tried to stay up.  I even drank highly sugared coffee... two cups!  But the later it got, the more I found myself reading blogs instead of reviewing slides, browsing WeHeartIt.com instead of memorizing notes.  At around 1am I decided to just go to bed and hope that I felt more up to studying in the morn.

I hardly got any sleep. :/

Once I laid down in my ultra-comfy bed and turned off the light, my mind wouldn't stop.  I obsessed about the most random things: what to buy for groceries this week, what to cook for dinner the next few nights, what to wear if I go out, what to buy everyone for Christmas since I procrastinated so much.  I just couldn't fall asleep.  And the heat kept kicking on and off, which was distracting.  The last time I checked my phone, it was 3:05 in the morning.

I eventually fell asleep... for what felt like a nap.  My alarm went off at 5:30.  Why so early since I don't have an exam 'til 9:45?  Well, I wanted to catch the earliest bus, eat a really good breakfast at the dining hall, and then get in a couple hours of quiet studying at the library.  I rolled outta bed at 5:45, caught the 6:30 bus (which was five minutes late), and ate one of the most delish omelets I've ever had.  I arrived at the library at 7:20... waited ten minutes for the doors to open, and hurried up to the fourth floor to nab a quiet nook with an outlet.

Warning: this is where the disgruntled rant begins:

Did I say "quiet" studying at the library?  Ugh.  My library time has been so frustrated.  To start out, a janitor/library worker decided to talk on her cell phone for fifteen minutes, loudly so that it would carry throughout the entire open-air lobby.  Then she started vacuuming... and she's still going at it, mind you.  I finally adjusted to the not-so-terrible hum of vacuuming when a girl trumped up the stairs and plopped down at a nearby table.  No biggie.  She seemed quiet.  No raging earbuds.  No vibrating phone on the table.  Etc. 

Well, her friend just showed up.  Loudmouth friend who talks 5x louder than quiet girl.  It's really starting to piss me off.  :/  I'm sleep deprived and grumpy.  For now I'm only shooting dirty looks.  But I reeeeeally wanna yell, "Shut up!"

It's Finals Week.  Some people just don't get it.  

*sigh* Why didn't I bring my earbuds?  :/



Brooke T said...

ugh I hate when people are so rude and you realize it even more when you have NO sleep! Good luck on exams!

Anonymous said...

our library is 24 hour and they hand out free ear plugs because people tend to hang out there. worth asking about.. or bringing your own next time.

Debbie said...

*sigh* I really sympathize with your library dilemma! Yesterday I was taking a VERY important final (failing it means I can't graduate from my school) and throughout the better part of the test there were people talking and yelling loudly in the hallway outside. It angers me how thoughtless some people are during finals week.

HD said...

Yeah. I know how hectic these exams can be. Just finished up my finals today. Good luck with yours though!