Cute, Clutter-free Apartment

I came across this little apartment via Apartment Therapy.  I love how crisp, clean and clutter-free it is.  The space itself is gorgeous---hardwood floors, white walls, thick moldings, built-in shelves.

These dark gold vintage chairs are fetching, yes?  

I like the idea of placing a desk near the entrance way.  It's a perfect place to set your keys, cell phone, etc and hang your purse.  

What a relaxing bedroom!  The hanging paper lanterns give whimsical, cloud-like feel.  I also like the layered rugs.  

And don't even get me started on the milk-glass vase!  Lovely. :)

Check out the original post at Apartment Therapy to learn more about this space.



zz said...

I love apartmenttherapy. Loving the vintage elements of this apartment!

Rent in Rio said...

I like the idea of placing a desk near the entrance way...awesome pics as well as awesome blog...like your idea thanks for this post.. also like vintage elements.

NoPotCooking said...

Those lanterns are amazing - and I like how it is a theme that is carried out in all 3 rooms.

Kenli said...

ah, if only, if only. i dream about re-decorating my apartment on a daily basis. and then i remember i'm in college. working at pita pit. paying bills. grrr! love the blog!

Rain said...

The apartment is indeed gorgeous - very simple yet elegant. The colors seem so cool and relaxing.

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Bonifacio Heights Apartment for Rent said...

Stunning! I like the paper lantern decors inside the bedroom. Fabulous! Elegant! Perfect!

Tom Willing said...

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