Jutta's Spring-Hued Home

Doesn't this color palette make you thirsty for springtime?  Mellow greenish yellow and that crisp light turquoise are such a lovely pair.  Jutta is a graphic designer who lives in Finland and this is her colorful abode. 

Forget any fondness I've ever had for ottomans or coffee tables---a trunk on wheels... I want!

Loving the metal lantern and candle-holder on the coffee table.

I'm not usually a fan of pink.  But this shade of cotton-candy pink pair with that oh-so-retro teal... love it!  This is a cupboard bursting with eye-candy: vintage tins, glass canisters, pretty labels and a cupcake!  Plus, I love the old metal tray.

Another view of the kitchen.  Even the calendar matches (...for this month anyway)!

Ooooh, I spy a typewriter.  The scarlet sheen of this console is stunning up against cool teal. 

Close-up shot of the kitchen counter. 

I'm experiencing serious furniture envy right now.  That graceful silhouette, rich wood and plush velvet---I've always wanted a gossip bench.  I also love how the mirror almost blends in.

Decoupaged coffee canisters?  Consider this added to my to-do list of diy projects.

I'm on the lookout for a pretty hand like this to wear my rings when I'm away.  And I just adore this little set up of color and pattern.

Sooo... Jutta also has a lovely blog Kootut Murut.  Don't be fooled by the name, it's in English and it's bursting with some serious prettiness and thriftiness.  (All the photos in this post belong to Jutta and are from the jutta / kootut murut photostream on Flickr.)



Jessica Rose said...

The scarlet console is just stunning. It's so shiny! The artwork in the last photo looks like a DIY with this IKEA frame http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30151035 which is an awesome idea!!

Jutta said...

What a lovely surprise to find our home here! :) Thank you Jessica for your sweet words!

Green Tea at Midnight, it is that same exact Ikea frame :) I got it from a lovely reader and used it to frame a Catalina Estrada illustration.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to read design*sponge, then I would read design*sponge.

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