Masquerade! (+ Happy Valentine's Day!)

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! I love Valentine's Day for the chocolates, but mostly because the day before is special, too.  I turned 22 yesterday!!  I celebrated Saturday night with three new girlfriends I've made this year at Iowa State.  Pictured above: us in our masquerade masks.  I'm on the far right in the blue. (:  I've always had an obsession with Venetian masks (blame it on Phantom of the Opera and Marie Antoinette).  These girls were great sports about going out on the town with masks on!  We got a lot of compliments... with a few weird looks every once in a while.  But it was a total blast and definitely a birthday to remember. 

Hope you all have a lovely, lovely Valentine's Day! xoxo


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Leah said...

Happy Belated Birthday - and Valentine's Day! I hope you had a good time celebrating both! I love the masks idea- that is so clever and what fun! :)

PS I've missed your posts here, but I totally understand how you're busy! I'm glad for some new reads! :)