A Sleek, Masculine Take on Vintage

Here's a little inspiration for those of you are into something a bit more stark, masculine or MidCenturn Modern than the (colorful, florally, eclectic) rooms I usually feature.  There's just something about the quiet handsomeness of this space that appeals to me. 

I love lamp.  I really do.  Especially this one.  I love the contrast of the rough vintage crate and the sleek modern table.

There's a mannequin in the corner!

Here's a shot of the living room. 

Old cameras and photography books are displayed tastefully.

And the hallway is just lovely.

Check out more photos of this home in The Vintage Cabin photostream on Flickr.  (All photos in this post belong to The Vintage Cabin.)  Check out the Etsy store here.



Caroline said...

I love that crate--and the huge A!

Jessica Rose said...

oo oo! I love the colored blinds! SO fetch (is fetch happening?)

Anonymous said...

Fetch is SO happening. And if not, we'll make it happen. :)

This looks like a home my boyfriend would love. He's all for masculine simplicity, and I'm trying like crazy to incorporate that into our apartment. I'll definitely take some cues from this post! Thanks.

- Jess