300 Sq.Ft. Studio by Nick Olsen

I have such a small space treat for you today!  I came across this lovely studio apartment designed by Nick Olsen (former Domino contributer) for House Beautiful.  This place is 300 square feet, undergrads!  Just goes to show that a tiny space can pack a big punch when filled with color, pattern, and personality. 

I love that you look at this room and don't see an obvious color scheme.  It's perfect for us college students who take we can get from family and the Target clearance section, no?  ;)  Light airy curtains trimmed with a green ribbon edge are sooo pretty.  The red nightstands pop i the mostly pale blue and white room.  A desk at the foot of the bed is such a smart space saving solution. 

A chic slipcover transforms any old love-seat into a cozy sitting space.  (Although as much as I loooove metallic vases, I'd probably have my laptop and textbooks strewn all over that coffee table top.  Wouldn't you?) 

I. Want. This. Dresser.  The graphic green and white chevron is fun and fresh.  I'm thinking DIY project! 

To see more of this room, pick up the newest issue of House Beautiful.  And check out the exclusive video tour of this room here: 

You should also become a devoted stalker of Nick Olsen's blog.  He rocks.

And thank you to High Street Market, a fabulous blog I've just recently discovered, that introduced me to this fab small space.

Oh, and stay tuned!! Tomorrow I'll have tips and tricks so that you can GET THIS LOOK for your dorm or apartment. 



NancyU said...

The green ribbon on the curtains is a favorite of mine also, with the dresser being a close 2nd! So much for the excuse that a space is too small to be fabulous.

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE IT!! excitement!

becky said...

as far as that dresser goes, could make it a temporary design and just use some colorful duct tape - then if you decide you REALLY like it then you can paint it. OR if it's not your furniture you can just take it off.

haven't tried it, it might look too cheap. but maybe worth looking into

rebecca jo said...

I bought the dresser at a flea market when I was in college years ago(it was part of a vintage bedroom set), nick drew a design, taped it off and i painted it...it's that simple! Flea markets are your best friend when you've got a small space and an even tinier budget. That and a bucket of paint.