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Giveaway: Rolled Canvas from UPrinting

Shopping for dorm decor is just around the corner!  And wall art for your dorm or apartment is essential.  UPrinting has offered one lucky Lovely Undergrad reader the chance to win some personalized wall art.  Here are the details:

One Winner:  Must be 18 years or older and a US Resident.  (If you have won this same giveaway in the past 6 months, you are not eligible.)

The Prize:  One 16"x20" rolled canvas print, with or without a 2-inch border.  Winner gets to upload a design and UPrinting will print it onto the canvas.  1 business day turnaround, free shipping. 

Disclaimer:  This canvas printing giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting.  No monetary compensation was given for hosting. Check for more details about canvas sizes.

Prize claims will be sent August 31st at the latest.

How to Enter:  Follow Lovely Undergrad.  Leave a comment with your name and email address.  And tell us what you would like printed on your canvas!

You have until July 24 at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be announced July 25th!



Anonymous said…

I would love to have a canvas of one of the pictures I took while studying abroad in the South of France!
Anthony said…
A photo of the Mississippi River
Alyssa Hart said…

If I won the giveaway, I would love to have a poem from printed on the canvas. The poems are simple yet beautiful!

Anonymous said…
I would love to have a canvas printed to resemble a black and white vintage subway sign!
Meghan said…
Great giveaway! I'd do a poem as well :)

Hannah said…
I'd love a black and white picture of my adorable dog Zoey :)
Kanesha said…
This is a fab give away! If I were to win I would love a picture of Miami skyline with the water in view as well!

I would either have an inspirational saying or just something calming to look at when I'm tired of studying
Shannon said…

I just recently graduated from UW-Madison. I would love to have a picture of the Terrace (a favorite lakeside campus hangout) so that I'll always have a bit of Madison with me in my new apartment.
Carolyn said…
I've been thinking of getting a wordle of my tweets printed! Nerdy, but I think it would make great cubicle decor!

Carolyn --
Ellen said…
i'd love to get a print of a photo i took studying abroad in italy!

ellenp1214 at gmail dot com
Byrdi said…
Ooo...I don't know what I'd get! I have too many wonderful photos. It would take some time to decide, but I'm sure I would if I won!

bunnygrrl _ 61793 @ hotmaildotcom
(No spaces dot=. preventing Spam)
miss b said…
I'd totally get a print of a picture I painted that my cousin wants but I cannot part with!
Sara said…
I would love a picture of a few close friends I've made this summer! After watching almost everyone I know leave for studying abroad (I can't afford) and for summer adventures I sat at home, wondering what to do - and some people have really reached out to me. :)

Sara said…
For some reason it didn't link my account so I'll comment again, whoops!
Laura said…

I would love a poster of a graphic design illustration I did of New York City!
Anonymous said…
1st off thanks for a great blog, I can't wait until I move into a new apartment an try out some of your design ideas. I think one thing I would love to have in a canvas would be this

It's a picture I took when I was in London for study abroad. I was there by myself and it was a life changing experience for me, so to have it immortalized in canvas would be amazing!

Keep blogging.

Ari Haro
cleartrampoline said…
I would love to win that! I would print one of my photos of poppies, so colorful! They would look super on canvas! :)
Stefanie said…
I'll be a freshman this fall, and I can totally see a canvas print hanging on my plain dorm walls! I'd probably go with a copy of my sister's most recent photo. It's a close-up picture of my mom's flower arrangement. We tried to print out a large copy at Walgreens, but it didn't work out well. She doesn't like having her picture taken, so having a great print to remind me of her would be amazing!

ninja *underscore* stef *at* yahoo *dot* com
Anonymous said…
First I'd like to say this is a wonderful blog C: I never have really followed blogs but I keep coming back to this one.

Anyways, if I were to win this I would probably get one of my drawings/pantings or photographs printed. I've always been rather shy about showing people my art because I don't think they will like it and I'm trying to break that shell. What better why than to have a large print to put on display in my dorm room?

Anonymous said…
Gee, I'm not sure what I would want printed yet, but definitely something avant garde that would spruce up my dorm this fall when I start college. :D
Anonymous said…
I would love to use a picture of the church from my old hometown in the winter.
Robbin Petter said…
I would love to use a picture of the church from my old hometown in the winter.
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