9x9 Living Room at the University of Arkansas

Welcome to a small but sassy 9x9 foot living room space in the Maple Dorm at the University of Arkansas.

I see too many dorm rooms decked out floor to ceiling in zebra print, but this single zebra rug adds just enough sass while keeping the space classy. The room keeps to a black and white plus red theme.

This is her favorite chair--I'm in love, too! It's shiny, gray, and velvet!

Definitely a chic space for a dorm!

Photos in this post were posted by HomeinTexas to HGTV's Rate My Space.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! I also love the new layout!!

Fran said...

Super cute! Good use of space :)

Laura said...

This is adorable :) My bedroom is super small (8 by 10) and I am doing my best to make it feel stylish and complete. Love the use of color as an accent and the organization!

Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

Beautiful living room! I love how simple it is. Clutter always makes rooms look so much smaller. And I am in love with that velvet chair. I NEED a velvet chair!!