Handsome Apartment

It's not uncommon to walk into a college guy's apartment and be like, "Whoa!"  But it's usually because there's trash everywhere and a questionable stench in the air. But this guy's space (thanks to his mother's lovely decorating skills) is a definite winner.

The space is contemporary and masculine, incorporating neutrals, black, and metallic finishes. I'm totally envious of the glass apothecary dome on the dresser (left).  And I love the tins on the shelve over the closet--smart space-saving storage solution!

The workspace feels grown up and urban. The desk is clutter-free. The shelving was put together using mostly kitchen items from Ikea. A metallic picture frame and message board shine when the sleek lighting is turned on.

Since the bed didn't have a headboard, they created one using wall tiles. The bamboo lamp that I'm digging is from West Elm and the bedding from Lacoste.

The modern, masculine look is
continued into the bathroom. 

And there's even a beta fish!

Seriously--this guy's apartment rivals most girls' apartments I've seen.

The photos in this post were posted by patsybutts to the HGTV Rate My Space gallery



NancyU said...

This is a good one. It goes to show that guys apartments need not be pig styes!

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I like the furniture that you have in your apartment. I just think it is a little bit dark. Perhaps more lighting will make it look more spacious and pretty.

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