Kelsey's Colorful, Organized Dorm

 Kelsey just started her freshman year at the University of Missouri and sent me some pics of her dorm room! In decorating her shared space, Kelsey sought inspiration from online sources including Lovely Undergrad. Some ideas from this blog that inspired her and show up in her dorm: flowers, a picture clothesline, organization techniques.

 Kelsey's desk space is abundant with color and inspiration. A picture clothesline and clipboard hang on the wall---both ideas she came across on Lovely Undergrad. :) Her bulletin board is filled with lots of different pins, buttons, and memorabilia she's collected over the years. Picture frames line the upper shelf.

 Instead of tacking lots of little holes into the dorm walls, Kelsey purchased hanging photo pockets that put her many photos on display right next to her bed. It's easy to change them in and out. Favorite theatre posters hang above her bed. I love her colorful bedding and pretty floral pillow!

 A dry-erase mini-fridge sits atop a cart that
keeps snacks organized and within easy reach.

 Since there's no door to the closet, making it
right out in the open... Kelsey keeps it tidy.

A collage of theatrical posters, photos of friends, and
other paper covers Kelsey's other bulletin board.
Jewelry stays organized on a jewelry
hanger from the Container Store.

 Thank you for sharing your lovely dorm, Kelsey! Best of luck with everything to come in your freshman year! (Keep me updated!)

As for you other college ladies, send your dorm photos to lovelyundergrad@live.com or post them to the Flickr group!



Bronwyn said...

How cute! I just recently moved into my dorm, and I love the idea of a picture-clothesline!

wall art ideas said...

This is a lovely room! The bulletin board looks very nice and lively with all those stuff in there. The wall looks nice because of the hanging wall photos. Great!

Shelby said...

This room is so adorable (and so clean)! She did a wonderful job organizing and decorating(:

NancyU said...

It is great to see that others are using the ideas on this blog in their dorms. The photo clothesline is one that is at home in any dorm!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Love these ideas! I did alot of searching and finally found something I cant live without. I have been living in a small apartment for the past 2 years and cant find any place to put all my things. My best friend turned me onto a hanging organizer that doesnt take up any floor space. It has wall mounts or hang options, no tools necessary (good thing because im not very handy lol). It comes with storage bins and shelves in all different colors. I found them on www.offthefloorezstore.com check it out i love it :)

BrittanyJeffus said...

Did she ever tell you where she got her bedding?! Absolutely In Love With It!!!

Katie said...

Where did you get that fridge cart???? I've been searching for one all summer!

Anonymous said...

I believe the cart is the Platinum elfa Mesh Compact Fridge Cart from The Container Store for $129.00.

Harry said...

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Karen Moon said...

You arranged it very well.