Paris, Je t'aime Dorm

Maya dressed up her SC dorm in a French theme.  Her nightstand features a vignette that includes a vintage mirror, lamp, pretty picture frames, tiny candles and perfumes, and porcelain tea cup atop pretty fabric. A college hangs on the wall--one she created to bring together the colors of the room: muted pinks, pale blues, and creamy whites.

Her bed is covered with billowy bedding and frilly pillows.
Cork in painted vintage frames make for lovely message boards.

Her workspace faces the window.

And she even carries the theme over into 
the bathroom with a toile shower curtain.

All photos in this post were posted by MayaV into HGTV's Rate My Space gallery. Head over to view more photos of her dorm.



Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

I love the vintage mirror on the nightstand! Beautiful room.

Business card magnets said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous and the vintage look makes it so serene! I think I would get a great nights sleep in that kind of room!The look is more inviting with a hint of vintage elegance.

NancyU said...

The painted vintage frames really make the message boards stand out. This is a case of using simple components to make an outstanding item.

jessicawetrust said...

such a gorgeous room! <3

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