Anthropologie: The Intern Diaries

I'm an Anthro-phile for sure.  While I can't yet afford the lovely items from Anthropologie (thanks to a college student budget) I haunt the website and eagerly await the arrival of each catalog so that I can be inspired by the styling, the colors, the atmosphere. 

I also haunt the Anthropologie Facebook page.  I've especially enjoyed their albums The Intern Diaries, parts I, II, and III.  

"Since she first stepped foot in Philadelphia, our smart-as-a-whip summer intern Nicole, a 25-year-old London student who came to us by way of winning our Central Saint Martins print design competition, has been documenting her visit—taking photos and notes of work, play and everything in between, as to not forget a moment. So what exactly has she been up to? It’s all here in her first (but certainly not last) “diary” installment..." (-Anthropologie)

Nicole most certainly was surrounded by inspiration, ideas, and creativity every day.

I wonder if Anthropologie offers any internships opps for Journalism majors?

I'd swoon at the opportunity!

Thanks for sharing your experience on the Anthro-fb, Nicole!  (I searched high and low on the internet for her last name and some sort of contact info.  Nicole, if you're reading this... would you like to do an interview for Lovely Undergrad?) :)


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