Craft Night: Stenciled Canvases

I carpooled to my summer internship with three other Iowa State girls that were also interns.  They're all three very creative and fun.  And we ended up hosting a few crafty nights.  Our first project was to create pretty wall art for our apartments. 

Supplies needed: newspaper (or drop-cloths, or just go outside...this was kinda of tricky to accomplish in a student apartment), acrylic paints, painting supplies (brushes, palettes or paper plates, cup of water, paper towels), stencils, mounted canvases. 
 Above: Our paints, a square mounted canvas,
and the new (very clean!) stencil placed over the canvas.

 The more paint colors you have, the better! You
can mix to experiment and create different shades.

We spread newspaper out all over the apartment floor to make sure
we didn't stain the carpet!  Melissa and I used large rectangular 
canvases while Annie used two square ones. It's really up to you!

Here I am at work on my canvas. Yes, I do all my diy projects
in a little black dress! (Kidding... that's just what I happened to
wear to my internship that day, heh.) Just place your stencil
over the canvas and apply paint with a brush or sponge. A sponge
will give you a flatter effect, while a brush will be a little rougher.
If you don't want to smudge colors, let paint dry before moving
the stencil to another area. Otherwise, if you're like me and think
that a few flaws give character... work while the paint's still wet.

Annie did two square canvases in the same pattern, one
in beautiful deep purples and the other in lush greens.

I went wild with color on my canvas! 

Annie's and my finished artwork leaning against the wall to dry.
Melissa used greens accented with a lovely robin's egg blue.

Melissa's now hangs over her dining room table in her
apartment.  (She blogs at 20goingon80.com... check it out!)

Stay tuned to see what my artwork looks like hanging in my new apartment bedroom!  (Just a few final touches on my room and you'll get the big reveal!)


Design Eat Repeat said...

My carpet still has a large faint green spot...Adds character, right? :)

Brittany said...

These are so cute! Can I ask where you got the stencils? I tried to do a similar project a while back but couldn't find a stencil I loved.