Decorate like a Girl

House of Turquoise
Feminine doesn't always mean painted pink, full of frills, and ultra-girly.  But I do like spaces that incorporate those types of things.  Feminine for me is curvy furniture, vintage accessories, sparkling chandeliers, flowers, crushed velvet, eye-catching pattern, ruffles, pops of color, and an easy grace to a space.  The bedroom above captures my idea of feminine.  The big, ornate bed.  The velvet fainting couch.  The chandelier.  The surprising turquoise of the shutters.  The curio cabinet full of curiosities.  The following rooms capture femininity for me as well:

House of Turquoise
Pink walls. Eclectic art. A gracefully curving sofa.  Unexpected orange and cream chevron on the chair.  A huge gilt mirror.  Crushed velvet.  Lush pink flowers.

House of Turquoise
Vintage furniture.  Crisp white linens.  Luxurious softness in that chocolatey brown blanket.  Breezy blue curtains.  Upholstered headboard.  Gilded mirror and lamp. 

Source Unknown :(
Rich plum strewn all over the room.  An upholstered bed that combines gold and a natural burlap/linen.  Vintage mirror.  Mannequin.  Statement-making art.  Crystals on the chandelier.

A dreamy, plush bed dressed in floral bedding.  The canopy bedframe itself: utterly gorgeous.  Antiqued mirror finish chest of drawers.  Crushed velvet chair.  Candelabra. 

Source Uknown
Clean white walls.  Splashes of fuschia. Piles of books.  Several bouquets of flowers.  Glittering chandelier.  Tufted armchair. 

Country Living
Exposed brick.  Wrought iron bedframe painted antique ivory.  Roman-esque chair.  Vintage bedside tables.  Sparkly chandelier.  Lacey bedding trimmings.  Soft bedding.  Softly glowing lamps.

I could imagine myself living quite happily in any of these feminine rooms.

What is feminine for you?



Bronwyn said...

How lovely! And I adore the high ceilings...


Meggie said...

The unknown is from http://www.magazinec.com/?p=6314

I was so pleased to see this room again!

Anonymous said...

This makes me wish that I didn't live with my boyfriend haha

Tom Cat said...

Gorgeous, Must be comfortable.

corner curio cabinet