Forget Your Ex & Find Your Inner Bombshell

Breaking up is hard to do. And while you may feel like nobody understands you when going through such a rough time, we've all been there. For many girls, college years are plagued with heartbreak. During one of my recent relationship hardships, I came across Pink Kisses.

Basically, Pink Kisses is your virtual go-to gal pal who is there to help you "get over your ex and find your inner bombshell!"  The Pink Kisses blog features inspiring stories of women who turned their lives around after breakups. 

Pink Kisses also recently surveyed nearly 300 women in the US and Puerto Rico, ages 18-59 to study patterns of moving on.  The results are surprising and interesting.  (Read the findings here.) 

Oh, and did I mention that there's a feature on the Pink Kisses web site that lets you virtually "burn" a photo of your ex? 

Stay tuned because tomorrow there'll be a special guest post on Lovely Undergrad directly from the lovely ladies at Pink Kisses!



NancyU said...

I love the option to "burn" a photo of your ex on the site!

jessicawetrust said...

Great website idea, thanks for sharing! xoxo jessica