Lovely, Little, Ladylike

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite teeny-tiny apartments from Apartment Therapy's "Small Cool" 2010 contest.  Today I have one more to share!  It's a tad bigger (coming in at 410 square feet).  I just adore how feminine it is.  I mean---that bedroom! Gorgeous! The soft gray walls, breezy curtains, pretty secretary in the corner, and luxurious bedding... lovely.  And I love that color of pink on the walls in the next room...

 It's the prettiest pink I've ever seen.  Paired with the white trim
and the contemporary black dining table, it's so appealing.
And I'm really envying that mannequin in the corner. I want.

 Isn't this a charming kitchen?

 And a built-in vanity in the bathroom right in
front of the window for perfect natural light!

Here's a floorplan of Julie's space so you can get a better feel of how it's all laid out.  All the photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy.

Would you decorate with this color scheme of hot pink, white, soft gray, and black?  I would!



Candice said...

Oh I'm in love..it's just gorgeous and perfectly ladylike!

Bronwyn said...

Oooh, I love the dress form!


Mademoiselle Deva said...

And this is what I like!!! Great bedroom! I love the pink in the background! I just wonder which men could bare this??

Barbara said...

I want to paint my walls gray since i have so much pink and my furniture white to keep it neutral I love your blog its addicting

7/12 Utara said...

I loved it.