My oh my, Missoni!

Guess what today is! Today is the day that Missoni's new line hits Target stores! While fashion is all the buzz, you can guess that I'm most excited about the explosion of color and pattern in Missoni's home products. 

1. These scarfs are sooo pretty! Not just to wear, but I could definitely imagine using them for a pop of color and pattern on the nightstand, framed and hung on the wall... or even (dare I say it?!) decoupaged onto a wooden box or chair.

2. Love this quilt. Zig-zags get me every time. And this color combo is so retro, so modern, and so classic all at once.

3. Hello, office supplies! Pencils, notebooks, notepads, stationery... Oh my! I'm a glutton for office supplies. And while these babies are going to be calling my name from that alluring aisle, I'm quite well-stocked up and going to steer clear.  (But please! Buy some, put them on your desk, and ogle them for me!)

4. Pretty printed boxes always come in handy. Magazines, shoes, scarfs, etc. etc. etc. I can't imagine not finding a use for these deliciously-patterned, clutter-defying cubes.

5. I reeeeally want this darling espresso set. Not because I drink espresso, but because the vertical tower and plate storage is totally clever and functional. Plus, I'm a huge hot-tea drinking kit. And this would be an adorable way to have my morning, afternoon, and evening tea. :)

6. Pillows! Do I really need to justify fun patterned pillows? Didn't think so...

7. Folders. Ok, while I'm not going to surrender to the office supplies... I see no problem in succumbing to the temptation of these folders.  I'm always in short supply and fabulous folders make me happy when it comes to sitting down at my desk or organizing papers. 

8. More boxes! I like these because I could totally see them coming in hand for keeping jewelry organized. (In fact, I already have something quite similar to this in my bedroom for bracelets, rings, and earrings.)

9. These lovely candles are not only at the top of my want list, but they would also make such a great gift for friends. And after the candle has been burned all the way, you'll have a snazzy container for make-up brushes, pencils and pens, or small flowers.

10. Laptop case. Your technology needs to be protected, but there's nothing worse than one of those boring black sleeves. I just recently switched over from the boring black to a pretty quilted floral one. They cost about the same. So grab this one up for your laptop. 

Sorry for the lack of pricing! All these stuff is reasonable... products will be available in store and online 'til October 22.  Head to Target and check it all out!


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