Winner: Pillowcase Studies Giveaway

And the winner of the Pillowcase Studies giveaway is...

MirandaRosePetal, who said:

Congrats, Miranda!  Barry will be in touch to get you your pillowcase!

* * * This giveaway is now closed.  Stay tuned for more! * * *

It's the night before a big test.  You prepare yourself to pull a all-nighter.  You brew the coffee, guzzle the Red Bull, and open your textbook.  Before you know it, all the words on the pages are starting to blur.  You lay your head down on your open book telling yourself you just need to rest your weary eyes for a sec.

Confession time: How many of you have fallen asleep while studying?

I'll admit it has happened to me a time or two, especially when faced with a wretched Statistics or Astronomy exam.  You and I are not the only ones.  In fact, study sessions become nap times for most students at some point in their college life.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just curl up in bed, lay your head on your pillow, and absorb everything you needed to know for the next day's test?  That would make a cram sesh a whole bunch more appealing!

Barry Weinstein comes to the rescue with his pillowcases!  He hasn't quite invented a way for us to absorb information through a pillow---that would be too easy.  But he has designed a collection of pillowcases with study notes already on them.  

“I studied 8 hours straight for two nights in a row for my first test. Not only did I fail the test, but I fell asleep face first on my textbook leaving an unattractive red mark above my cheek. I failed…. and I was ugly.  Then it hit me! I thought that there had to be a better way to study so why not make studying comfortable? I took all of the notes from the entire semester and wrote them on my pillowcase so I could study the information for 1 to 2 minutes every night and when I fell asleep from potential exhaustion, I’d have a nice comfy place to rest my head. For the rest of the semester, I saw the information before I went to sleep and when my final came around, I pulled off an A and raised my grade to a B from an F. Not to mention that I never have to worry about that giant red mark on my face because my new textbook was fluffy!”  - Barry Weinstein, PillowcaseStudies.com

Kinda brilliant, right?  Barry was kind enough to send one of these studious pillowcases my way.  While there's no pillowcase for Journalism yet, Barry sent me a Psychology pillowcase.  Back when I was an Education major and taking Psych classes, I could have definitely used it!  (I also could have put a Latin pillowcase to good use back when I decided to try to learn a dead language!)  Anyway, the pillowcase is super cute and soft!  It is white with black text/notes, so it'll fit into any color scheme.  And I could totally see these pillowcases inspiring some geek-chic decor in a dorm room!

Right now, these pillowcases are available in: Political Science, Corporate Finance, Biology, Drama, Principles of Psychology, and Art History.  

And Barry's offering one lucky Lovely Undergrad reader a pillowcase of her choice!  

This giveaway is open to readers in the USA.

Leave a comment telling me which of the Pillowcase Studies pillowcases is your favorite!  Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

You have until 11:59 PM, October 13th to enter!  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on October 14!


Bronwyn said...

Oooh, the biology one, definitely!
Though it would be cool if they could make a French one...


Byrdi said...

The art history one would be great and wildly ironic (I'm not really an art history kid but I'm required to take it.)

Linda F. said...

I would love the art history one since I'm majoring in it!
<3 Linda

S said...


Lauren Alyse said...

I'm a psychology minor and my boyfriend is a psychology major so of course the psychology one is my favorite. They're so cute and I'm thinking about buying (or making) one if I don't win one. Thanks for the giveaway! :)


Unknown said...

Psychology! I'm a Social Work major & studying human behavior right now, would love something like that pillow case. What a cute & clever idea!


Sarah Jane said...

I'm pretty much triple majoring in English, Education, and Latin, so the Psychology sounds perfect for me.
Although - as a total Latin nerd - I would stab a popular Roman dictator for a Latin themed one!

F said...

It would be great to have a Corporate Finance pillow since I'm a business major.


Jes said...

Oh that Art History one for sure!!! Seeing as it is my major and all.


Crystal said...

How adorable! My psychology brain never rests, so I would have to pick psychology. Love it.


Anonymous said...

I would pick art history, considering I will be adding the major soon!
so amazing!


Sarah said...

The biology one is definitely my favorite :) I love biology so I might try to buy it (or make it) even if I don't win


Jessi said...

I love love love the drama pillow case! I want to teach high school drama after I graduate, PLUS, my room is decorated in black, white, and red. :)


Carley said...

Definitely the Psych one! Gotta brush up on all my Freudian knowledge before sinking into bad and/or naughty dreams.

Unknown said...

I think of all the types (which are all so adorable by the way), I would say the psychology print. Not only am I studying sociology and psychology, but also I go to a liberal arts/ social science specialized college. Haha not to mention that I find mself completely crazy (isn't it the crazy ones that make the best therapists) so the pillow would compliment me well .
email: spfpfc@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I am Psychology major and not only will it match my decor but it is something I would cherish beyond my college years! Good luck everyone!

TK said...

I would want a biology cover. What a fun idea! allthingsgo at gmail.com

Sabrina Wang said...

Biology. My favorite and my least favorite subject at the same time. (:


anjanilove said...

Ooooh I'd definitely love a psych pillow! I just love my major, and it's so cute!

shainahobbs said...

Political science!!

Tracy said...

I would have to pick psychology! I'm considering adding a psych minor so t would really come in handy :)

thill13 -at- sbc -dot-edu

Jessica said...

Psychology is my minor at school! <3 it but something like this would be handy to go over the basics again.


JennaLizbeth said...

biology! I'm a pre-med major. I studied hard and late. I have yet to take biology so this would be great! and i love pillows! gogojen7@centurytel.net

JennaLizbeth said...

I am a premed major. I have yet to take biology so defianetly biolgy because Ill be studying hard and late.

mirandarosepetal said...

The Biology pillow is absolutely amazing! All of them are so cute though!

My email is mrpetal20@yahoo.com

Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

Marlaina said...

I adore the Drama one! I definitely agree with some of the above commenters that some foreign language cases would be cool, as well. Either way, these pillow cases are terrific. :D


Nat said...

Art History!!! It is my major and I LOVE IT :)


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