Last Year's Costume Inspiration Round-Up

halloween costumes 2

What's more glamorous than dressing up as Marilyn Monroe?
White dress, white heels, blonde wig, red lipstick & nails.

It's time to start planning your Halloween costumes, ladies!  And while it's super easy to purchase a costume online or at a store, I have a feeling that since you're visiting Lovely Undergrad... you're looking for something a bit more creative, thrifty, and lovely, huh?  Last year I shared lots of cute costumes I came across on Polyvore.  But to save you the time of creeping back through my archives, I've rounded all of them up in this one single post.  

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that are sure to inspire you some more!  And if you're pulling together a super-creative or on-a-tight-budget (or both!) costume, email me and let me know about it! 

Pippie Longstockings

I loved Pippi Longstocking back in the day!
Blue skirt, red & white striped tee, pigtails, boots.

Halloween Costume

Sexy school-teacher, anyone?
Sky-high heels, knee-high socks, curve-hugging pencil
skirt, glasses, cardigan, pencil in hair, ruler in hand.

Happy Halloween!

Be one of the Scooby-Doo gang!
Red skirt, orange turtleneck, orange socks,
red mary-janes, big black glasses.

lisa simpson

Lisa was always my favorite Simpson. :)
Red dress, pearl necklace, saxophone.

Gotta love the naughty librarian look. ;)
Tweed skirt, cardigan, high-heeled oxfords,
fancy-schmancy glasses, pencil in hair.

Stand out at a party by blending in.
Blue jeans, red & white striped tank, chucks,
red & white striped hat, big black glasses.

Hoist the jolly roger this Hallow's Eve!
Frilly dress, wide leather belt, lots of jewelry,
knee-high black boots, and a tri-corn hat.

Smurfette = absolutely adorable!
White dress, blue tights and long-sleeve shirt,
white shoes, blonde wig, blue make-up and nails.

You'll be off to see the wizard in this get-up!
Blue & white gingham skirt, white top, red shoes,
pigtails, toto dog optional.

Spongebob Squarepants!
Khaki skirt, yellow shirt over white polo, red tie,
striped long socks, black heels.  So fun and cute!

A great idea if you wanna coordinate with your bestie!
Red pants, red & white striped shirt with Thing 1 &
Thing 2 written on it, chucks, wild blue wigs.

Simple and so very pretty.
Pink dress, black tights, ballet flats, pretty jewelry.

Fringe dress, vintage inspired black heels, gloves,
pearls, stockings, bob haircut strongly suggested.

Be the cutest nerd on the block.
Denim skirt, cardigan, knitted vest, mary-jane flats, glasses.

Grecian goddesses are always gorgeous.
Flowy white dress, gladiator sandals, gold jewelry.

Go out as your favorite rhyming trouble-maker.
Black leggings, white tee, black cardigan, black boots,
red bow-tie, Dr. Suess hat, nose & whiskers.

To sea, to sea!
Sailor dress, white tights, nautical shoes and accessories.

Add glam to Super Man.
Red mini skirt, Super Man tee, gold belt and shoes.

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Brown embroidered tunic, moccasins, Native American jewelry.

Cute as a button as Minni Mouse!
Polka-dot dress, pink pumps, pink belt, big pink
bow, and black mouse ears a necessity.

Gotta catch 'em all!
Yellow dress, yellow sneakers, Pikachu ears,
rosy red cheeks, and red jewelry.

Get all dolled up by going out as Barbie!
Pink everything and a blond wig. :)

Easy to pull together and always a crowd-pleaser.
High-waisted bell bottoms, hippie blouse,
cute sandals, peace-sign jewelry, braided hair.



Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Inspired me!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

I'm going as Marilyn one night of Halloween! My mom is making my dress. We got the fabric and pattern at Jo-Ann Fabrics all for less than $10. I cannot wait to do my hair and makeup for it! These are all such great ideas!

Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

The Pikachu costume rocks the best, I'm sure that people will love it. Thanks.

wholesale clothing distributors said...

That Pickachu costume is the best of them all since there are tons of fan and collectors of pokemon.