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Circus-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Circus Circus
This is probably kinda late, but I decided to share some last-minute Halloween costume ideas with you!  Since I'm a big fan of Water for Elephants (book and the movie) I decided to throw together five easy(ish) Circus costumes that you probably still have time to pull together.  The red blazer could be swapped out for a vest.  The sequined leotard could be switched out for a sparkly dress or tank and shorts.  And as for the the Bearded Lady---I wish I would have come up with that sooner!  How fun would it be to walk around in a sexy dress with a beard on your face?  :)

Left to right:

Black jeggings + black boots + white collared top + bow tie +
red blazer + top hat + whip + mustache = Ringmaster

Polka dotted dress + ruffly socks + red pumps +
clown makeup + red nose = Lady Clown

Sparkly leotard (or sparkly tank with sequined shorts/skirt) +
satin gloves + glitzy jewelry + tiara + glittery flats =
Main Event (a la Water for Elephant's Marlena)

Curve-hugging red dress + fishnet stockings +
red lipstick + sexy pumps + beard = Bearded Lady

Boyfriend jeans + old button-down shirt + newsboy cap +
brown boots + suspenders = Crew Worker



Those are great ideas!
ps- I left you an award over on my blog! :)
Allen Bates said…
Thank you very much, I've forgotten about that circus costume.
adult costumes
This costume looks beautiful, thank you very much for sharing this.
Daisy Dee said…
I love the dress with polka dots. My friends and I all wore fairy costumes last Halloween. I think this is a good theme for this year.
Maylie J said…
This theme is amazing. I find it quite new since I haven't encountered anyone wearing this yet on Halloween parties. I think I can be the sexy assistant lady. I have lots of wigs and weaves for my disguise.


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