Get Inspired by Luxury

I've heard some people say they don't by certain decor magazines because the interiors featured on the magazine's glossy pages are too upscale, too out-of-reach, and too expensive.  They stick to titles that feature design that accommodates the middle class, smaller quarters, and a tighter budget.  But being the shelter magazine hoarder collector I am, I can't discriminate.  Just because a space is five times (or ten times) the size of mine, or the decorator is on a millionaire's budget... doesn't mean I can't find inspiration to take from the decor and apply to my own room(s).

But sometimes it's hard to look past extreme luxury (and sticker shock) and be able to creatively think of ways to incorporate a similar style or idea into your own living space.  It's not easy, but I don't think it's something you have to be born with.  Instead of looking at a room as a whole, pick it apart.  Slowly.  And don't get overwhelmed.  Note the style of the furniture, the patterns in fabric, the art on the walls, the colors, the mix-and-matching, the unique objects strewn about.  Ignore brands.  Ignore price tags.  Ignore the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower outside the bedroom window. ;)

All the photos in this post are of a luxury apartment in Barcelona.  I happened across it during my ritual scouring of the internet for pretty rooms.  I fell in love at once.  (Does anyone ever count how many times I say I fell in love with a room, color, or piece of furniture on this blog?  Haha.  Anyway... I digress.)  I hesitated before sharing because I didn't want you guys to be like... "This place is way too fancy!"  "I'll never live in a college apartment that big or have that much space!"  or "That must cost a fortune!"

So I decided to make a lesson out of it.  Let yourself pick up issues of those uber-glamorous home magazines.  Drool over the decor.  But remember what to take note of and what to ignore.  Some ideas I gathered from these four photos:

1. Clean, bright, white walls can be luxurious and cozy.

2. Add bright pops of color to vintage furniture.  (Examples: the turquoise consoles in the first photo, the hot pink upholstery on the bench in the second.)

3. Old artwork doesn't just belong in a museum. 

Now I want to know what glamorous touches in this upscale apartment you'd like to translate into your college space! 

All photos in this post from HomeAround.com.


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Bronwyn said...

Ah, it is super-cute! And I do think that you can take inspiration from expensive/super-glamourous things to incorporate into your own life.