Halloween Costume Inspiration


This Zelda costume is brilliant and pretty easy to pull off. You'll need a long sleeve light brown shirt, brown belt, green tunic/dress or oversized t-shirt, brown boots, and a green stocking hat (or elf hat, if you can find one!). Sword and shield optional. ;)
Where in the World....

Last year it was all about 'Where is Waldo?' This year, let's make it about Carmen. I loved 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' as a kid... both the tv show and the computer game.  You may not randomly have a red trench hanging in your closet, but I'm thinking you could improve by pulling together a red skirt and long sleeved collared shirt, belting it, and accessorizing with black boots, black gloves, and a red hat. Don't forget the mustard-colored scarf!

Lolita Halloween Costumes: Sherlock Holmes

I'm reeeeeally digging this Sherlock Holmes costume idea.  It's made up of a bunch of basics that shouldn't be too difficult to get your hands on--a brown dress, brown boots, a trench or riding cape, an English-looking hat, and accessories like a pipe and magnifying glass.  Or you can put a more masculine spin on it with trousers, a man's dress shirt and vest, and a bow tie.


I had my heart set on being Robin Hood for a while last year.  Belt a green dress, pull on brown boots, wear some leather jewelry, and top it all off with Robin's feathered hat.

Mario & Luigi Halloween Costume

This is a super cute idea if you and a friend wanna dress up together---Mario and Luigi are the best of pals!  Brighten up a basic pair of bib-overalls with big yellow buttons, wear a red or green tee, and don't forget your M or L cap!

[22] Halloween Costume Idea: Cookie Monster

 I think this would be particular fun because you could have an excuse to eat cookies (and steal give out cookies) all night!
Dress like Arthur!

And lastly, dressing up as a childhood favorite is always a hit.  And with a pair of blue jeans, white polo, yellow cardigan, and red chucks... you can't go wrong as Arthur!



Anonymous said...

Totally adore the third one.

Hannah said...

muwaha I LOVE the smurfette one. I googled smurfette costumes and I feel like it could be made so much cuter with that stuff! Gets me thinkin!


Niki said...

Those are all awesome! My boyfriend and I are actually going as Mario and Luigi this year!

You can get their signature hats (mustaches included), gloves, and suspenders with the yellow buttons on them for $45-$50 from Hot Topic.

Brittany said...

These are all amazing! If I weren't set on being Ms. Frizzle, I'd totally go as Carmen Sandiego!

Ashley said...

Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes are absolutely amazing! Kinda makes me sad that I'll be missing out on Halloween this year- I keep seeing so many beautiful and creative costumes:)


LVR said...

thats funny i made my own LINK costume when i was a kid

Anonymous said...

Loving the Sherlock Holmes idea!

Unknown said...

It's seems main that this season, Sherlock Holmes clothing are going to be the way to go for boost actions. You concept for the best Hallow's eve 2010 clothing is already solved! Usually, Part of a Sherlock costume a caped protect in examined created of created of wool and a double-billed hat has been associated with the character of Sherlock Holmes, but in the newest film he would use a Victorian-era black clothing protect over a damask coat and black trousers.

Anonymous said...

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