My Bookshelf | Favorite Novels of All Time

 Guess what fall and its cool weather makes me want to do more of?  (Besides write a 50,000-word novel during the 30 days of November...)

Read, silly!  I love a good historical fiction pageturner, whether it's in book form or on my beloved Kindle. 
So I decided to share with you my top 15 favorite books of all time.  As you'll see, I love royalty, Romans, and harems.  Haha.  Want to know more about one of them?  Click on the cover or feel free to ask me anything. :)  Suggestions for what I should read next are most welcome!



Kelly said...

Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books too! Girl with the Pearl Earring has been on my list to read for forever - I need to get on with it!

Megan said...

I was surprised to see you don't have any Phillipa Gregory on your list. Obviously, The Other Boleyn Girl was phenomenal. Much better than the movie, as books usually are. The Constant Princess was also good - it's a precursor to The Other Boleyn Girl.

Aside from European historical fiction, I absolutely loved Peony in Love. It's not exactly historical fiction, but it's a romance and includes a lot of interesting details from the Chinese culture. It was a heartbreaker.

Thanks for the suggestions, btw!

Liz said...

I loved Girl with a pearl earring but totally just forgot about it until this post! I think a reread is in order, thanks!

Nicole Marie said...

Jane Eyre is one of my favorite book of all time. I never get tired of that story. Water for Elephants & Girl With a Pearl Earring both surprised & delighted me when I read them.

Unknown said...

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