DIY Yarn Wreaths

This past summer, I was so lucky to intern at BHG's Do It Yourself and Storage magazines.  One of my fondest memories of the internship: a DIY crafternoon (craft afternoon, hehe) that we (editors, designers, interns) spent making yarn wreaths.  With a foam wreath, lots of colors of yarn, and a variety of embellishments... it was so much fun to see the creative ideas everyone came up with!  If you haven't picked up the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Do It Yourself Magazine---you should run to the magazine stand and get it right now. :) There are instructions inside for making your own wreath.  Plus, I have several stories in there, too. ;)

Here I am winding some turquoise yarn around my wreath while Alexa, one of the editors, wraps hers in ivory.
Here's a bunch of us! It was so awesome to work with such inspiring, creative, supportive individuals all summer long!
All tangled up!
Here I was making a pom for my wreath.  It ended up not being as poofy as I wanted... Heh.
Snacks + crafting = one lovely afternoon!
Here's a display of all of our finished wreaths!

There are TONS of yarn wreath ideas on Pinterest!  Now that finals are over and you're heading home for some holiday down time, I can think of no better DIY project to take on than making one yourself.  Better yet, make a crafternoon of it!  Invite your sisters, mom, aunts, cousins, and hometown friends to join you for some Christmas snacks and yarn wreath making.

Remember... yarn wreaths aren't just for Christmas time!  Depending on your choice of colors and embellishments, you can make a yarn wreath for any occasion.  Consider crafting a sparkly, festive one to ring in the New Year.  Make a monogrammed one for your mom as a gift to hang on the front door.  Or show off your school spirit by wrapping one in school colors to decorate your dorm room with.

Here are some of my favorite wreaths:

Graphic black and white + richly hued flowers | Styelist
School colors | Pinterest
Rainbow wreath | Wendy in Florida
Sweet heart | Life Uncluttered
Lime green + pinwheels | The Papyrus Basket
Lovely white | Blue Eyed Yonder
Orange + gray | Etsy



Leah said...

LOVE all these! I have been wanting to make a yarn wreath for AGES. Maybe now that it's break I'll actually get around to it..haha. Great inspiration!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That sounds like so much fun! Thank you for featuring my rainbow wreath!